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Scenic Spot

Kaohsiung Municipal Social Education Center


Introduction:Kaohsiung Municipal Social Education Center (KMSEC) provides an activities-oriented place focused on youth and citizens’ leisure. People can enjoy singing karaoke in the 100-square-feet KTV room. The sound insulation is good, and there are volunteers to offer the sound effect control service. Besides, different films offered in the MTV rooms every weekend are also popular.
As an important part of KMSEC, the Kaohsiung Cultural and Physical Activity Youth Center is a comprehensive social education organization. By providing diverse social education resources such as knowledge, leisure activities, arts, and life-long learning, it helps to raise the quality of cultural and leisure pursuits, thereby creating a more peaceful and optimistic society.

Address:No.115, Syuefu Rd., Siaogang Dist., Kaohsiung City.

Transportation: Exit 2, walk about 20 minutes.






District: Siaogang District
* MRT Station: Siaogang