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Commercial Advertisement

For the purpose of creating a joyful atmosphere and provide various services for passengers traveling in MRT systems, by cooperating with advertisement media entrepreneurs, KRTC is capable of introducing multiple advertisement media to our beloved passengers. These commercials contain all the elements of originality, fashion, fun, life and are especially designed for commuters, receiving and updating information in all aspects is never so easy. Do not hesitate to start your modern life by traveling with KRTC on today.

Commercials Advertising on :
Platform / Train Compartment / Escalator/ Lamp house /Walls Surfaces in MRT stations

For commercial advertisement, please contactForesight Advertising Co. Ltd Rm.
803, 8F., 65,Sec.3, Nanjing E.Rd., Taipei, Taiwan
TEL: +886 2 2517 5511
You can also contact KRTC TEL: +886 7 7939666 Ext. 88326